Cold Laser Therapy for Advanced Chiropractic Wellness

At Advanced Chiropractic Wellness, we know what it takes to get our patients feeling better. Through the use of Cold Laser Therapy, Dr. Scott Stratton of Frankfort, Illinois, will help you reduce inflammation and increase your range of motion. Through a variety of techniques, Dr. Stratton will help you regain the health you have lost because of chronic or acute pain, giving your body what it needs to heal itself.

Pain Treated by Cold Laser Therapy

All kinds of pain can be treated with cold laser therapy. Whether you have chronic pain between your shoulder blades, or you have been injured in a car accident, cold laser therapy reduces both acute and chronic pain conditions. As cold laser therapy does not rely on prescription medications, it is a great therapy to use in conjunction with other treatments.

The Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

This is a non-invasive technique, and it is a pain relief protocol preferred by patients who are trying to avoid surgical options. Pain relief takes time, but the prolonged effect of receiving several treatments can be life changing without the use of pain killers. Patients see a reduction in their inflammation, an increase in range of motion, and faster healing times after surgery. Cold laser therapy is a relatively new therapy, often used by chiropractors and physical therapy providers to improve wellness and reduce inflammation naturally.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy can be part of any visit to your chiropractor’s office in Frankfort, Illinois. As cold laser therapy is going to help improve your range of motion, chiropractic adjustments will help realign your spine. Both treatments work well together, giving you better alignment and allowing your body to heal naturally. Both treatments do not require medications, and they do not cause additional pain to the patient.

When you are considering your options for pain relief, a visit to Dr. Stratton is a great idea. With his extensive knowledge of pain relief techniques, he is able to help patients get back to living their life as they have been used to. When you are in pain, it’s difficult to get through each day. With the help of Dr. Stratton, your pain will decrease and you will be able to do more activities in an average day.

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