What is Designed Clinical Nutrition in Frankfort?

Designed clinical nutrition is a personalized approach to your wellness. We develop a dynamic nutrition plan that reflects your individual needs and goals for health. Our program is:

Designed: Especially prepared for you based on your unique needs.

Clinical: Created based on the results achieved in clinical use over many years.

Nutrition: Real foods to enable the body to repair itself and become healthier. At the heart of our designed clinical nutrition plans is the use of “whole foods”.

We do a health intake on each patient, which lets us provide the best dietary and supplement advice possible.

What are Whole Foods?

Whole foods are those foods that exist in nature to provide the key nutritional elements that we depend on to thrive in the modern world. A whole food is one where almost all parts of the food, including seeds, stems, leaves, and flesh offer nutrient dense features. A key feature of whole foods is that they have been grown without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Unlike the modern diet which is full of processed foods with fillers and binders, whole foods are nutrient dense, “real” foods that help us grow and heal.

What are Examples of Whole Foods That Will Help Me Heal?

While your designed clinical nutrition in Frankfort will be personalized, examples of whole foods include kale, apples, dandelion greens, squash, carrots, cashews, black beans, mangoes and so on. Kale, for example, contains over 15 vitamins and minerals necessary for everyday physiological functioning, and also helps prevent illness overall.

What about My Current Diet?

Many patients worry about the idea of a new eating plan, concerned they will have to give up everything they love. This is not the case. The issue with the modern diet is that so many foods are processed, contain pesticides, fillers, binders, excipients and hormones that only damage health. You may be eating a food that can be replaced with a healthier whole food version. Perhaps it’s a sugary cereal that you replace with granola, nuts, and fruit.

Aren’t All Supplements Created Equal?

No! While some OTC supplements are quality, they are not considered therapeutically appropriate. We suggest “whole food” supplements that have been developed with a therapeutic purpose in mind — with dosage ranges that pertain to those needs. Whole food supplements are easy for the body to recognize and therefore absorbed and utilized much more efficiently. They are minimally processed, organic and prepared in a way that preserves their enzymatic activity, vitamin and mineral compositions. Essentially, they have been designed to match the needs of the body. We strive for you to take as few supplements as possible, but to maximize health with the ones you do.

How Will We Know Which Supplements are Right for Me?

After we perform a thorough intake of your health, we will determine which particular whole food supplements and dosages are right for you.

Cheers to Your Health

The big question is whether you’ll have to stay on a whole food diet forever. The truth is that very few people go back to eating their old, processed diets because they feel so great now and see health concerns improving everyday by eating whole foods.