Our Frankfort Chiropractor Can Help You Improve Your Game

Whether you’re a full-time professional athlete, an Olympian in training or just looking to keep yourself in shape for the occasional weekend run, your musculoskeletal alignment and wellness have a tremendous impact on your ability to move freely and resist injury. If your performance is limited by an old injury that just never seemed to heal correctly or you’re prone to recurring sports injuries, then you can benefit from sports chiropractic care — and you can get the treatment you need from our Frankfort chiropractor at Advanced Chiropractic Wellness.

Athletic activities can make extreme demands on the human body. Instead of the usual low impact routine of daily life, you may be asked to bend, twist, jump or run for hours at a time. The constant repetition of these stresses may prompt the onset of repetitive motion or overuse injuries. Tennis and golf elbow are two well-known examples of a joint overused to the point that tendonitis results. But in some cases, an incorrect stance or gait can create faults in the athlete’s technique, throwing them off balance jus enough to make them more vulnerable to overuse injuries. Imbalances in the spinal column can cause runners to experience strains, sprains and other injuries anywhere between the feet and the back.

High-impact sports bring their own threats to your health and wellbeing. Football, hockey, rugby and other contact sports can subject your spine to severe jolts that may cause subluxation, herniated discs, torn connective tissues and other painful problems. If these injuries don’t heal correctly, internal scar tissue can form over the damage that impairs your ability to perform even more.

Reasons for Athletes to Seek Chiropractic Care in Frankfort

Our Frankfort chiropractor, Dr. Scott Stratton, can provide a wealth of natural, non-invasive treatments and therapies for athletes who want to get back in the game and stay there. Chiropractic adjustments can restore an unbalanced spine or disc to its proper alignment, which not only allows you to heal more normally but also enables you to play with less muscular strain and better technique — helping you avoid future sports injuries. Dr. Stratton uses the Activator method for the most low-force, precise adjustments possible. Peridiodic checkups and “maintenance” treatments can them help you optimize your athletic readiness at all times.

Applied kinesiology is another highly beneficial branch of chiropractic care for athletes. By testing your muscle strength under various circumstances, our Frankfort chiropractor can spot weaknesses that impair your performance — weaknesses that may also point to an underlying systemic problem related to musculoskeletal or neurological imbalances. We can then administer the necessary therapies to boost your overall health and wellness. Acupuncture is yet another method we can employ to relieve pain and promote healing of sports injuries.

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