Applied kinesiology is useful for treating a wide range of ailments and illnesses, including insomnia, arthritis and sports injuries without the need for invasive procedures or medications. It helps improve posture and range of motion and reduces pain, and it can be part of your total-body wellness program.

Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology is the study of muscles and muscle function as they relate to the body. Like acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicines, applied kinesiology believes that the muscles of the body directly relate to the internal organs and glands, and when the muscles are weak, it can lead to ailments and injuries, including muscle and back pain, allergies, disorders of the nerves and intestinal and stomach ailments.

It is a treatment option based on multiple wellness principles, including biomechanics, neurology and acupuncture as well as massage. It is believed that as the muscles are strengthened and nourished various ailments and malfunctions of the body will be reduced and healed.

The goal of this treatment option is to normalize and improve nerve function, the immune and endocrine system and correct posture and improve range of motion. It is not meant to treat symptoms. Instead, it is designed to treat the root cause of your ailments, illnesses and injuries so that you can experience complete healing.

Pain Management

Applied kinesiology has been used to treat nerve problems, chemical imbalances in the body and brain, increase blood flow and heal sports injuries and reduce back and body pain. This treatment is not meant to be used by itself. Rather, it should be combined with traditional chiropractic care and proper nutrition.

Muscle weakness is typically diagnosed by applying pressure to specific muscles to test their strength. It can also be performed by having the individual place various foods in his or her mouth to test for muscle reactions to the foods or substances. The knowledge gleaned from the tests will help our chiropractor design a personalized treatment program for you.

This treatment option can be used by anyone from office workers to athletes to improve body function and wellness.

Improve Overall Wellness

Improve your overall health with our applied kinesiology treatment program. The first step of this program is to determine which muscles in your body are abnormally weak. Those weak muscles will directly correlate to organs and glands in your body, and our chiropractor will explain what those weak muscles mean for your health. From there, a treatment plan will be created to strengthen those muscles and improve your overall health and wellness.

Many individuals notice a dramatic improvement in their energy levels. They have better concentration and focus, and symptoms of depression and anxiety are lessened. It’s even been known to improve sleep.

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