Frankfort Men’s Health and Family Doctor

More Than Just a Yearly Check-Up

Many men are only concerned with their health when something goes wrong. As long as they don’t feel actual pain, they don’t worry about nutrition, weight loss or other parts of a healthy lifestyle. Here at Advanced Chiropractic Wellness in Frankfort, IL, we know that the best way to be healthy is to live a healthy lifestyle. Concentrating on eating the correct diet and getting enough exercise is the best way to avoid many men’s health issues before they even start.

Men’s Weight Loss May be Key to Many Health Issues

As men begin to age, their metabolism begins to treat food differently, burning off less and storing more. What starts out as a classic beer gut can soon turn into a chronic weight problem if it isn’t dealt with on a consistent basis. While it may be more difficult to find specific men’s weight loss programs, it’s important to find a system that works for your body to burn off excess weight at a safe rate.

Our doctors recommend a series of nutritional response tests to determine exactly what nutrients your body needs to work at maximum efficiency. You may think you’re eating a healthy diet, but without guidelines that show you what you need, you many not be eating enough of the right foods. Consuming the proper amount of nutrients will help you achieve your optimum weight as well as giving you more energy and making you feel younger

Athletic injuries are common in men over 30, especially the weekend warrior types who work hard all week, then play hard all weekend. Without a regular exercise program, your muscles and joints will stiffen during the week. A sensible men’s workout program will strengthen the muscles around the spine and other joints, protecting these important spots when the inevitable happens and you fall or are knocked to the ground.

A men’s workout program isn’t much different a program for women, but it will generally including lifting heavier weights as well as a good solid cardio workout. The games and sports you play will definitely influence the exercises our doctor will recommend, as he is concerned with protecting your body with as much solid muscle as possible in areas that are prone to athletic injuries for your particular sport.

Athletes are not the only men who should be concerned with the right diet and exercise. Eating right and living a healthy lifestyle are among the best anti-aging methods you can follow. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to begin to eat right and to start working out. Men have gone from beer gut, couch potatoes to healthy, pain-free runners, losing weight and feeling much healthier in the process.

While eating the right diet and working out on a regular basis is no guarantee that you’ll never need to see the doctor again, it will increase the likelihood that you’ll feel healthier and more energetic.