Harsh title? Well, if you cannot quit eating sugar or any food for that matter, you are addicted to it! Look at alcoholics, cocaine addicts, heroin or any other type of addict – they NEED their fix. Sugar is no different, except it’s legal.

It is also deadly. Consider that people with diabetes have a much shorter life expectancy than any other disease. In addition to diabetes, sugar has been linked to heart disease and cancer. Sugar increases cholesterol in the body. ALL cancer cells LOVE sugar (white and high fructose corn syrup) and will grow quite happily when fed a constant supply.

Nancy Appleton has a list of 146 different adverse reaction in the body from sugar. Thse include decreased immune system response, hyperactivity, high cholesterol, depression, obesity, and on and on. I urge you to go to her website to review this list and for tips on how to decrease your sugar cravings. Visit www.NancyAppleton.com.

Sugar is bad for your health. How much white sugar/high fructose corn sweetner is OK to eat per day? NONE! NADA!! ZILCH!!! Why? – cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease to name a few.

Here are some tips to help you decrease your cravings for sugar.

  1. Reduce your intake a little at a time.
    A. Keep an accurate food record of all the sugar you eat for a week. This includes “hidden sugars”. Hidden sugars are sugars in foods where you don’t expect them to be. You must read the label. (Ketchup is a good example – there is more sugar per ounce of ketchup than in pop.)
    B. Now that you know how much sugar you eat in a day/week, you can make a plan to eliminate it from your diet. i.e., you eat cereal for breakfast (hidden sugar), have soda pop for lunch and cake for dessert at supper. Pick one day and plan to NOT eat cereal for breakfast. So this Tuesday morning, instead of eating your bowl of cereal, eat something that does not contain sugar, like eggs or plain yogurt or cheese. Next week, plan on eliminating the pop at lunch, then next week eliminate dessert and on and on until you have made the slow gradual change that will bring you to success of breaking the yoke of sugar addiction.
  2. When you get the sugar cravings, drink water. Your body can be confused with thirst and sugar cravings. Try drinking water (6-8 ounces) and see if the craving goes away. If it does, you were thirsty! Why water? Sugar tricks the body into thinking it’s hydrated. One sign of diabetes, is thirst. If the craving doesn’t go away, go to the next step.
  3. Take Inositol. This is a B vitamin. A lack of this B vitamin can produce a sugar craving. So sucking on Inositol can eliminate your craving for sugar.
  4. Eat more natural sugars. Honey is a sweet natural sugar that does not have the serious side effects that sugar does. There is also blue agave and sugar in the raw (succinat). These can really help satisfy a sugar craving.
  5. Fruit. Eat an apple, banana, pear, peach, any fruit you like. It is sweet, contains natural sugar and will eliminate your sugar craving.
  6. Drink juice without any added sugar. Trader Joe’s and all grocery stores have juices. Please read the label. Just because it says all natural, doen’t mean sugar was not added.
  7. If all the above do not work, you may need acupuncture to help you with the addiction. There is a long history of acupuncture helping with addictions. Look at stop smoking programs. Many use acupuncture to stop the cravings. Keep track of what sugary items you eat so we can test those items specifically.
  8. Schedule an appointment with our Change Your Life Specialist – Lara Vander Ploeg. She is a life and wellness coach and can help you take chareg and make the changes you need to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

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